Sales tools that get results in BtoB sales

 In "The State of Sales Acceleration 2017," a research report published in 2017 by Dun & Bradstreet, a well-known American corporate research and rating firm, there is data from a survey in which purchasing managers were asked what they use to determine the appropriate product or service when making purchasing decisions.

According to the data, only 16% of respondents said, "Products and companies introduced by salespeople. At least 40% of information is gathered from the Web: 14% from "new technologies and user evaluations online," 13% from "content received via e-mail," and 13% from "Web advertising.

In addition, 21% of the respondents selected "real-world exhibitions and webinars". "Webinar" is a combination of the words "web" and "seminar", and as the name implies, it refers to a seminar held via the web,  so part of this is still the web.

The expert's opinion in the most common choice at 22%, "Recommendation from a colleague or prominent expert," may also have been seen on the Web.

Together, more than half of the items used as reference when making purchasing decisions are considered to be from the Web. 

This data is from the U.S., but this trend is growing in Japan as well.

In the future, only a few BtoB salespeople will be able to make face-to-face proposals and provide customer support in a way that only human beings can.

We are no longer in an era where we have to ask the IT department to customize every little detail to make the best use of IT sales tools.

Being able to use IT sales tools is very important for BtoB salespeople in the future.

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